Wed, Jul 1, 2015

by Titilola Edu

Review: Game of Thrones s5 (Major Spoilers)



Who else is upset that Jon Snow was killed off in the last season of GoT?! We feel your pain.


GoT is addictive—all of it—from Season 1 to the recently concluded Season 5. Superb writing and production values. Part of the attraction is its ability to shatter your dreams with its outcomes—and still leave you craving more.


According to San Francisco Chronicle film critic David Weigand, Season 5 doesn’t feel like more of the same; it feels like GoT played at a new, more intense level. This is a very emotionally exhausting season: Cersei’s walk of shame, Daenery’s near-capture, Arya Stark’s loss of vision, Sansa Stark’s domestic abuse, Shireen Baratheon—and Jon Snow’s death.


Especially Jon Snow’s death. 


We just can’t get over it. *sniff* Who would have thought, yeah? To think he was killed by his own bros…


Many fans, however, believe the Lord Commander has not met his demise; several theories have since surfaced. While some fans believe Melissandre will resurrect him, others believe he will rise as a White Walker. As devoted fans of the show, count us on that Jon-Snow-reincarnation-believer list.


GoT diehards will have quite a while to come up with more theories about Jon Snow’s fate as the series is set to return for Season 6 in Spring 2016.


We can’t wait.


We know our wish list for Season 6. What’s yours?




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