Wed, Jul 1, 2015


by Titilola Edu

Is reading a book more rewarding than watching a movie? Could a movie adaptation be better than its source material? Would it be better to read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy before watching the movies or the other way around? Why? Is reading A Song of Ice and Fire better than watching Game of Thrones?


a masterpiece is by definition a work of art that has found its final form—alfred hitchcock




Easier to digest

They bring the book to life and you can leave all the imagining up to the set director

Visually appealing

5 words: special effects and action sequences. (Would you read Furious 7?)

A lot less time

1.5 to 3 hours max. You can even catch up on work while you watch. You can multitask

Books are antisocial


never judge a book by its movie—anonymous




Unfold the drama at your own pace

You can take your time. Or not. You’re in charge of your own time

You get smarter!

Take them anywhere and any way—ebook, hardcover, from your home printer—however you want

Your own imagination!

You become the characters. Most movies assume you’re an idiot




books and movies are like apples and oranges. they both are fruit but taste completely different

—stephen king


So that whole idea of one kind of art being absolutely superior to another no longer means much to me, not like it once did. Of course, it’s wonderful when a good book becomes a good film, but I judge each on its own merits.


We’re having a hard time deciding, though—what do you think? Please share!

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